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for Sunday, February 22, 2009
Dear Readers old and new:

This will be the last installment of Newton and Copernicus. I have greatly enjoyed writing and drawing the strip
for the last four years, but have decided it is time to move on to other things. I believe the rats will be able to
take care of themselves from here on out. I will not completely abandon the project. I will be editing the first
Newton and Copernicus book and putting together a second book that will contain the balance of the strips.
When ready, they will be available at I will also be maintaining the website, and may start the daily
strip over from day 1 after a long needed break. So if you feel in the need for a little rat humor, come on back
and visit.

One of the things that has kept this strip going is the feedback and comments I have received
over the years
from readers all across the world. Newton and Copernicus has had a small, but loyal, international following, and
I have greatly appreciated all of the kind words I have received from my readers. If you've never had a chance
to sign the guest book, please take a minute to say hello.

Thank you for coming back again and again over the years to follow the adventures of Newton and Copernicus. It
has been quite a journey, and you have been a great part of it.

Sincerely,  J.
C. Olson, Newton, Copernicus, Rutherford, Gypsy, Riff, Gus, Lucky, Six of Ten, and all the gang at
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