Newton and Copernicus:
Lab Rats
The adventures of Newton and Copernicus are now available in print. You can order copies of Newton and
Copernicus: Lab Rats
, through is an on demand book publisher.  I am very pleased with
the service from and with the quality of the books that Lulu manufactures, and I believe they have
done an excellent job with the strip.  Below are a few shots of the first copy I received.

There is both a color edition (Sunday strips are in color) and a black and white edition,
(Sunday strips are in gray scale.)  This collection covers the first 43 weeks of the comic

To order a copy of Newton and Copernicus: Lab Rats, you can log on to and type any
of these keywords in the search box:  
J.C. Olson, Lab Rats, or Newton and Copernicus and
it should bring the books up.  Or you can use one of the direct links below.  Might be just the
right gift for a hard to buy for friend or family member.  Thanks for your support!  J. Olson

J. C. Olson Storefront at
Newton and Copernicus: Lab Rats (color edition)  
Newton and Copernicus: Lab Rats (black and white edition)
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